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NLP and Bi-polar Disorder

Does anyone have any experience of Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) or
any good references for treatment?

A family member has just been diagnosed after an acute manic
episode.Looking back she can also identify episodes of prolonged

She is hostile to psychiatry and drugs and very reluctant to take the
prescribed lithium- she's chemically hypersensitive and has been on organic
foods/ homeopathic medicines for many years.

I can see that much of her behaviour is a strategy to deal with a neurotic
inconsistent and over-controlling mother and a family situation of great
tension- (step-father dying of cancer).In the past it has also had lots of
secondary gain (better mad than bad) so is likely to be repeated. However
what I'm not sure of is whether the lithium is as essential to achieve
biochemical balance as the medical literature suggests.

Would appreciate any ideas.